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NextPlate How To Guide

NextPlate allows you to enjoy the benefits of saving food from being wasted while spending less on your meals.

Want to learn how to get started? Download the app from the app store.

Getting Started:

After setting your location, you can immediately view the nearest restaurants and eateries that have partnered with NextPlate on the “Home” tab. On the top right of each restaurant slot, you can click the heart icon to receive notifications on when your favorite restaurants post sales! Notice that there is a set time to pick up your order under each store. To guarantee the satisfactory quality of the food, the restaurants have mandated that you must pick up your order within the time given.

Ordering Food:

If you tap on a restaurant, you can view your order in more detail, including how many stamps you have accumulated, ingredients, potential allergens, and the restaurant address. Please note: because we do not know for sure what excess food the restaurant has at a given time, the ingredients may vary. You can always check with the restaurant when you arrive. Some restaurants will even allow you to pick what food you would like when you show up, still at the discounted price shown on the app!


One lesser-known feature of NextPlate is that once you get a surprise meal from a restaurant, you acquire a stamp. Just like a frequent buyer loyalty card, each stamp can only be used for the store you bought from. In addition, you get another stamp from that store and can gift it to any of your friends who also have the app. Once you hit 20 stamps, you get a free surprise meal from that restaurant!


Navigate to the bottom right corner of your app and tap the “Rewards” icon. You can view which restaurants your friends have visited and to who they gifted stamps. Similar to the Venmo transaction ledger. If you go to the top right of your screen and tap the “All” tab, you can see the ledger for all NextPlate users.

Friends - The One Where You Add Them:

While on the “Rewards” tab, press the icon on the top right of the screen. This navigates you to the “Friends” section, where you can add and accept NextPlate friends! The more friends you have, the higher chance your friend will send you a stamp when they go grab food, and the faster you will reach 20 stamps!

Congratulations! You are well on your way to getting the most out of the NextPlate app. Every time you use the app, you are saving food from going to waste and getting perfectly good food at a significant discount.

Tag us on Instagram at @nextplateapp when you get your meals from our app, and happy saving!

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