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4 Reasons Food Waste should be on your NextPlate

How to save money, rescue food waste, and help our planet.

With Summer in full swing, here are 4 reasons to add rescuing food to your plans and your plate.

Reason #1 - Rescuing our planet

Greenhouse gas emissions from food waste in America each year are the equivalent of powering over 50 million homes in America (and that’s without considering methane emitted from food production and decomposing in landfills). That’s a huge environmental disaster… and restaurants are one of the biggest contributors! With climate change affecting more and more of our everyday lives, it’s important to find ways that you can make a difference.

Our mission at NextPlate is to not only educate others about ways to protect our planet, but also build technology to create direct change.

Reason #2 - Save money at local eateries

To meet demand, stores often have to prepare a lot of food throughout the day to make sure they don’t sell out. Imagine all the trays of food at Chipotle, or all the pastries at your local donut shop. So what happens when that food doesn’t sell at the end of the day? Unfortunately, it ends up in the trash.

"We have to make sure that we never sell out during the day. Prepping extra food helps us achieve that." – George Lawson, Twist Kitchen & Grill

What if you could purchase that food at 50% off, or even 80% off? With NextPlate, you can significantly cut down the price of your meals at your favorite restaurants.

Reason #3 - Support local businesses

With supply shortages and increasing costs, restaurants across the board are facing an unprecedented strain on their finances. This means that your favorite mom and pop shops may be unable to stay open. Purchasing their surplus on NextPlate is a great way to help your favorite local shops recoup some of their costs and keep the lights on.

Reason #4 - Try new restaurants or different foods

What should I have for lunch? We’ve all come across this age old question but rarely are we satisfied with the answer. What if you could try a brand new restaurant at huge discounts, while receiving a variety of mystery items. Well, look no further and grab a surprise bag from NextPlate.

Let us know your thoughts!

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