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Have soon to expire items? Instead of letting it go to waste or returning it for minimal credit, sell it through NextPlate and attract more customers!

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How does NextPlate work for markets?

Mobile Phone

Customers browse your store

Customers will browse your store and buy your surplus items through the NextPlate app.

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Manage orders

Accept incoming orders through your tablet.


In store pickup

Package your orders for customer pickup.

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What can you do with surplus food?

Instead of letting your soon to expire items go to waste or returning them for minimal credit, you can now sell it through NextPlate!

NextPlate helps you recoup food inventory cost, send notifications to attract customers, and reduce your food waste footprint.

A simple solution

NextPlate allows you to list flash deals of mystery bags on our app. Set your own listing duration and pickup time to ensure food quality.

Customers receive notifications on their phones to purchase your mystery bags and pick up in store.

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Hunger at Colleges

NextPlate is primarily a student app. We specifically promote our platform at nearby college campuses. 30 - 40% of each student population from every college campus face food insecurity. 

Not only will you attract more customers with your surplus, you will also be providing an affordable food option for local students.

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For Merchants

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