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  • How is the food quality on NextPlate?
    We require that restaurants follow all health guidelines when posting on our app. All food items posted on our app are fresh and perfect to eat. Most food surplus today is due to over preparation from restaurants or left behind phone call orders. We only allow restaurants to post the items on our app for a short period of time to ensure that the food quality is still perfect.
  • Is my device supported?
    The devices we currently support are all Androids and IOS 15.
  • How do I share a stamp reward with my friend?
    In order to share a stamp to a friend, you must have your friends contact added in your phone, and your friend must have the NextPlate app downloaded.
  • What does the favorite button do?
    When you favorite the restaurants that you like, you will receive notifications from the restaurants when they have postings of discounted meals!
  • I always miss restaurants when they post, how do I get notified?
    To get notified when restaurants post, simply tap on the heart icon for each business to favorite them. Once favorited, you'll receive notifications when the restaurants post!
  • Do I have to pickup the food during the pickup window?
    Yes. Once your reserve an order, you will need to pick the item up during the pickup window time shown on the app.
  • What do I do when I arrive at the restaurant?
    Tell the restaurant your first name and that you're from NextPlate when you arrive. You can also tap on your profile > orders, and you can find your most recent orders. In the order page, there are directions on how to pickup your order.
  • How do the stamp rewards work?
    Each time you purchase from a restaurant, you will receive a stamp and have the ability to gift a free stamp to a friend. In order to gift a free stamp to a friend, you must have your friend's contact on your phone, and your friend must have the NextPlate app downloaded. You can add your friends by tapping the gift box tab, then tap on the add friend icon at the top right. Once you receive 20 stamps for a particular restaurant, you will receive your next order free when you reserve a meal for that restaurant.
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